Pandas are an endangered speies. There are only so many left in the wild. There are a fraction of pandas in captivite.
I love soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I found my elf on a shelf on the iPad charging area. There's 9 more days till Christmas.


My frist soccer was on Saturday September,7. We played agenst the Blueberry Strikers.My old teammate Kellus. My team name is Lighting Bolts.In the first quarter I was just getting use to how big the field is. I was dying  so I had to sit out the second quarter. The third quarter I was goaly the only thing I had to do was do a kick in the ball case it went out of boundaries. My team shot 4 goals the hole game.THe other team shot 1 goal.And that was my first u10 gam1e

In this post there well be lots of pictures and videos.Some of weddings some of Chicago. With out further ado I give you my summer trip.

my nails
My moms cousin took my sister and I to get nails done. My sis and I got manicure. I got a teal w/ white polka dotes on one finger. My sis got a navy blue w/ settled sparkles and polka dotes on one finger.

the weirdest thing so took us to a 100% ashain place.I loved my trip

            the end
Here is my summer break! In summer break I : Went to summer fun, then in a week before summer school I cut my hair 10 inches, In SS I'm taking 3 fun classes. The classes are: Anastasia the musical, Math workshop5,And knitting.after school I take TKD on M,W,F. Swimming on T,TH. And  piano  on Tuesday.Im doing summer fun again for 4 days... Read, my next My summer .To find where I go.
I like lot of dog breeds. But I only have 3 of the breeds. I had 8 favorites. Theses are some :
     peikenese , husky , collies ,dioxins ect ... Pekenies are not a popeler breed. I have lots of peeks. My grama breeds them. I love dogs!